This website provides basic concepts, techniques and applications of engineering mathematics and related topics. An attempt has been made to meet the expectations of the students by briefing the topics effectively right from the introductory level. With a strong emphasis on conceptual knowledge, the content provides working methodologies along with illustrations and examples. Suitable for individual and group learning, it bestows numerous worked out examples and questions inquired in the preceding years. Level of the content has been kept moderately elementary and plain sailed to provide its’ readers with lucidity and perceptibility. It is hoped that this effort will be advantageous to the students and prove to be serviceable.

I would like to express my deepest regards and gratitude to my father Mr. J.N. Dhingra for his unmitigated love, encouragement, support and guidance in Mathematics. To him I dedicate this work.

Dr. Vandana Dhingra Bagla

B.Sc.(computers), M.Sc.(Mathematics), M.Phil.(Mathematics), M.B.A and Ph.D.(Operational Research).


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